Greater Boulogne Local Government Authority (CAB)

Logo of the Greater Boulogne Local Government  Authority (CAB)The National Sea centre, a facility provided by the Greater Boulogne Local Government Authority (CAB).


The CAB supports and promotes Nausicaa's action

Established in 1991, France’s National Sea Center, Nausicaa, has always sought to give a central place to Humanity in its outreach work, which is why Nausicaa engages its visitors on the theme of the sustainable development of human activities on our Blue Planet. Nausicaa is not just any aquarium. Our objective is to tell the story of the sea - this key element of life and source of riches - both of today and of tomorrow. We want to enchant our visitors with the wonderous beauty of marine life and we want to educate and raise awareness about the new relationship we must build with the sea. The worsening state of the Ocean, over just a few short years, underlines both the importance of these goals and the need to ensure proper long-term stewardship of our planet and its marine resources.



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