Activities and feed times

plongée au bassin des requinsThere’s always something happening in the aquarium : activities, lagoon fish feeding, diving, encounters…

Activities diary

Lagoon fish feeding

Watch the living fireworks! On the lagoon, join the simultaneous feeding of the aquarium's coral reef fish. Angelfish, surgeonfish, coralfish, cowfish, and batfish will show you how different species cooperate, and draw you to a ballet of 3,000 dancers!

Nausicaa has recreated a veritable tropical lagoon in a 400,000-litre aquarium. More than 3,000 fish from about a hundred different species reflect the amazing diversity of marine life and the wealth of the ocean. 

Discovering this abundance is a feast for the eyes and a magic encounter with nature and imagination. 

The species found in tropical lagoons have their food preferences, thus forming a chain of cooperation that creates a balance for the life of the entire reef.

The development of tourism can threaten this subtle, fragile balance that is the basis for ocean and planetary life. But a few simple gestures can save it. 

Come and discover them while watching one of the most spectacular sights you can ever behold!


'Surprises' Encounters

Playing with fish in the petting-pool, walking with penguins, hopping on the beach with mangrove frogfish, leaping out of water with a feeding Arowana... The Nausicaa experience is also a personal one. Your trip has unforgettable encounters and surprises that only nature can bring! 

Physical Contact with Fish

The meals of touch pool animals give you a chance to touch marine fauna. Ray, cod, turbot, and halibut gather in the pool, where they let you stroke them or swim to your hands for a caress! Another way of experiencing the sea. 

A Show on the Mangrove

The meals of Mangrove fish are spectacular. Some species, like the frogfish, can actually come out of the water and walk on sand to grab their food. A truly surprising sight! 

Another Look at Sharks

The meals of the leopard sharks from Californian waters, or the larger sharks of the open sea aquarium gives visitors a chance to take a fresh look at the rulers of the sea and better understand their vital role in the oceans and the planet. This thrilling experience with the savages of the ocean is a must! 

A unique Tropical Forest Experience

The meals of arowanas from tropical rainforest are unique moments. These masters of bird hunting, measuring over a meter, can leap at least a meter out of the water to capture their prey. Breathtaking! 

Meeting the Penguins

The feeding and care of penguins allow carers to play with these gentle animals while performing their daily grooming, a real moment of pleasure and communion with you. A tender encounter. 

On the Amberjacks Route

Swimming in a diamond-shaped aquarium found above your head, Nausicaa's school of amberjacks shows how just how big these magnificent fish can grow. The amberjacks' meals are a rare encounter with wild marine life, drawing admiration and respect. 

Diving in the Aquariums


Aquarium dives are done to clean or maintain equipment, collect shark teeth found at the bottom, or check the health of the animals. 




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