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Ministère de l'Education Nationale (French Ministry of Education)

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Nausicaa and the French Ministry of Education have signed a cooperative framework agreement making the Ocean a core issue in questions of sustainable development and the education of young people.

Through the Lille and Pas-de-Calais educational districts, the Ministry of Education is supporting Nausicaa’s educational activities.




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A team of teachers is working with the Centre’s facilitators to meet individual requirements. In return, Nausicaá is putting its teaching resources online so that they can be used by as many people as possible.

Nausicaa is also involved in activities through a network with other sealife centres, centres of scientific culture, and associations throughout the world.



CANOPE Network

CANOPE Network's logoThe Scérén network has been renamed Canopé. It is a network for creativity and assistance in teaching. The new network is accompanied by a new editorial line, and new digital and neighbourhood resources to help pupils achieve success. The Canopé network relays resources and educational information from Nausicaa.


CCSTI Network

Nausicaa is also one of the partners in the regional CCSTI network (Centres of scientific, technical and industrial culture). A CCSTI is an entity designed to encourage discussion between the scientific community and the general public. This is part of an approach to the sharing of knowledge and active citizenship designed to encourage people to consider the new issues raised by the increase in knowledge. In this respect, the CCSTI is particularly concerned to highlight the implications and consequences of such changes on people’s environment. By the actions it takes, the CCSTI is helping to build up individual awareness and, in doing so, to create a collective future by improving knowledge of science and its issues among the general public. To this end, the CCSTI is continuing its transversal, multi-disciplined approach to the notions of science and technology through partnerships and activities that involve a large cross-section of the public from various backgrounds and geographical locations.

EEDD network

GRAINE Pays du Nord's logoAssociations were the first to set up actions to increase environmental awareness. At present, there are three hundred environmentally-based associations in our region, of which almost one hundred are involved in environmental education. In response to high demand from society as a whole, the associations have created a network to which Nausicaa belongs through the GRAINE Pays du Nord. Nationally, it is a member of Ecole et Nature.



Kent County Council's logoThe oldest of these partnerships, which has brought together Nausicaa, the Kent County Council and the Rectorat of the Lille Academy. Instructional tools based on the eco-citizenship theme have been created and adapted. Improvements were made throughout our expositions to offer visitors from across the English Channel an even more enjoyable experience. Teachers continue to bring their students to the exhibits.




RiverOcean Foundation

RiverOcean Foundation's logo

Another partnership has linked Nausicaa and the RiverOcean  Foundation, a non profit organisation located in Brighton. This partnership enabled environmental educationalists to exchange experiences and expertise. Various events (the Sea Festival in Boulogne-sur-mer and Low tide in Brighton) have been organised for the wider public with the aim of helping people discover the Ocean and its shores. French and English educationalists were able to promote their activities and get inspiration from techniques used by their European counterparts.



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