groupe d’étude du mérouSince 1992, Nausicaa has been actively supporting the initiatives of the Groupe d’Etude du Mérou (Grouper Study Group) for the protection of groupers in the Mediterranean. This initiative is helping to keep Mediterranean ecosystems healthy.

Protecting the grouper in the Mediterranean

The Grouper Study Group, created by managers of protected maritime areas of the French Mediterranean, has been studying in depth since 1986 the reasons why there has been an ever-shorter supply of the grouper species, typical of the region, in the Mediterranean. Nausicaa actively supported this research. At the time, children highly appreciated an operation that consisted in marking the grouper fish so that they could understand their way of life. Nausicaa today helps the group financially and ensures media coverage of actions led by the group. In 1999 an increase in the grouper population was observed.



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