Some occasions are well worth somewhere exceptional!


You can organise an event in private* using either the whole or part of Nausicaa

(*not during public opening times)

The most important European complex devoted to the understanding of marine life and the ways it is linked to Mankind. In Nausicaa there are more than 4.5 million litres of water in which evolve over 36,000 marine creatures. For example; the Tropical Lagoon, where the sharks are to be found, contains 1,200 m3 of sea water, whilst the Coral Lagoon contains 3,000 fish in 600 m3 of water. 

These outstanding and exceptional settings of Nausicaa will allow you to realise your gala evenings for product launches, symposiums, conferences, annual meetings, public relation events, incentives, etc.. 2 amphitheatres are also at your disposal which can be used as a prelude to your events. 


Come and discover for yourself, in exceptional conditions, the magical and unique atmosphere of Nausicaa which will leave your guests with an unforgettable souvenir of their visit

  • Private visit of the Permanent Exhibition 
  • Cocktail in the whole of the Permanent Exhibition complete with various distractions
  • Cocktail in the Temporary Exhibition
  • Dinner in the heart of the Tropical Lagoon with Tahitian or Brazilian style entertainment, or a group of musicians
  • Dinner or cocktail with canapés next to the sharks or the multitude of tropical fish in the Coral Lagoon


There are also many other possibilities…


Corporate hospitality

Permanent Exhibition
from 6.30 pm to 8:30 pm
(private visit without cocktail party)
Private visit without cocktail party
Permanent Exhibition
from 7.30 pm, for 2 hours
(private visit with possibility of buffets and cocktail party)
Private visit:
Any group size
(up to 1,800 persons) 
Tropical Lagoon Bar
for 2 hours
Cocktail party (standing up):
80 persons maximum 
"Tropical Lagoon Village""
from 8 pm, for 4 hourss
Diner without show:

Seated diner:
Upper level: 200 persons ;
All floors: 300 persons

Diner with a show:

Seated diner:
120 persons

With or without a show:

Cocktail party (standing):
600 persons 
"Underwater Observatories"
from 7.30 pm, for 2 1/2 hours
Seated diner or cocktail party:
60 persons maximum

Cocktail party (standing up)::
80 persons maximum 
Activity platform "The Sea... Live"Seated diner or cocktail at the nearby lagoon:
180 persons 
"Touch Tank"
from 7.30 pm, for 2 hours
Cocktail party (standing up):
150 persons maximum

Seated diner or cocktail party:
80 persons maximum
"Submerged Forest"
from 7.30 pm, for 2 hours
Cocktail party (standing up):
60 persons maximum

Seated diner or cocktail party:
35 persons maximum
"Atlantic Ocean" Conference Room
Amphitheatre for 128 persons maximum
Entrance Hall
for 2 or 4 hours
With or without screening and public address system
Seated Theatre: 200 persons
Seated Round Table: 150 persons 

For further information please contact.
Sales Department: Tel : (0033)321 30 99 999
Fax: (0033)321309394 E-mail.


Nausicaa is member of Opale Meeting


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