Nausicaa opens the first stage of their major expansion, following the annual refurbishment

View of the great staircase from Nausicaa's gardensOn 19th May this year, Nausicaa is opening a massive new extension and, as it reopens following the annual clean and refurbishment (8th January-2nd February, 2018), you will now be using the visually dramatic new entrances.  

Nausicaa is embarking on a new chapter in its history with an increase in its size and ambition. From 19th May, you will find a remarkable new 10,000 m3 tank where they can experience 'a voyage on the high seas'. Nearly 60,000 creatures will live all along the 15,000 m² of exhibition space, and 22,000 creatures will be added to the iconic species that are already in place.

So, when the new extension opens in the middle of May 2018, Boulogne-sur-Mer will offer lovers of the Sea one of the world's biggest aquariums – a must-see destination where the vastness and fragility of the Ocean can be experienced. 

First stage of the expansion

Entrance corridor for 'Mankind and Shores'As you enter the totally redesigned welcome hall, from the newly landscaped gardens, you will be met with the exhibition 'Mankind and Shores', where you can explore issues surrounding the management of coastal regions. Thanks to the discovery of these ecosystems and the people who live off them, everyone understands how Man is involved in the functioning of the oceans, and how best he can benefit from its resources. In addition to this, the foyer will also house a large new shop, designed by the UK company Wild Republic. 



The "Blue Society" forum – first focus: coral

Also, from 3rd February 2018, Nausicaa's educational activity will be boosted by the Blue Society topics that will be presented from the foyer onwards. 

Aerial view of Great Barrier ReefBlue Society aims to cater to the present and future needs of society in a spirit of "positive" growth based on the huge potential that the global ocean harbours. It is based on responsible use of marine resources and the development of innovative technologies and new products which generate economic resources and jobs. The first activity to be offered in the "Blue Society" forum will focus on coral. The International Coral Reef Initiative has declared that 2018 will be the third International Year of the Reef. Although coral is the biggest builder on the planet (reefs), it is also a fragile and endangered living being. The bleaching that has been observed over the past few years is becoming increasingly frequent and is being caused by global warming. At local level, organisations are making an effort to save their reefs which are often located close to coasts in tropical regions. In these areas, multiple human activities take place. Their preservation is both environmentally and economically vital.

Since 2012, Nausicaa has presented corals through illustrations, videos and tanks. You can learn about coral, its life, the complexity of the reef environment in which thousands of species live and the importance of reefs for mankind. Nausicaa has created its own nursery. Around 90% of the coral species in Nausicaa's tanks were grown there. 

Reopening of Nausicaa on Saturday 3 February 2018!



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