Exhibition: Ocean & Climate: getting hot in here!

Nausicaa - New exhibition: Ocean & Climate: getting hot in here !On Thursday 2 April 2015, Nausicaa launched a new exhibition entitled Ocean & Climate: getting hot in here! This exhibition, carried out in partnership with Météo-France and the National Museum of Natural History, is open since Friday 3 April 2015.

In December 2015, France will be hosting the 21st climate conference, Paris Climat 2015. Nausicaa and the partners of the Ocean and Climate Platform 2015 will be busy throughout the year to ensure that the Ocean is central to discussions at COP 21. Nausicaa is taking Ocean and Climate as its main theme to fulfil one of its essential roles, increasing awareness of the importance of the oceans in climate regulation.

To highlight this topic, Nausicaa has put together an exciting tour that will explain the role of the Ocean and the impacts of global warming on our everyday life. The visit is also designed to encourage people to face up to the problem and help to limit its effects. Exhibition created in partnership with Météo France and the National Museum of Natural History.

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Nausicaa’s exhibition: Ocean & Climate: getting hot in here!

The Ocean lies at the core of the world’s gigantic climate machine. Yet the vastness of the ocean and the unbelievable diversity of its species are now being affected by climate change. In fact, it is the entire natural balance of the Earth that is being upset. Our whole lifestyle is being impacted by the phenomenon – our health, safety, food, economy, housing, culture, employment etc. Still, the Blue Planet has immense potential when it comes to helping us recover balance in nature and the Ocean can be both a source of innovations and the setting for activities full of hope for the future. Humanity can change its way of seeing the world and restore natural balances. We can make better use of resources, remove pollution, innovate and find new types of work that will provide jobs and wealth… 

What is global warming?

Global warming is already influencing the complex balances that link Earth and Ocean. The land is receding because of the onslaught of the waves and coasts are crumbling into the sea. With each major storm, the waves rush further inland, laying waste to everything in their path. The new film consisting of 3D images and special effects presented in the exhibition Ocean & Climate:  getting hot in here! shows in a spectacular way these phenomenons along the coastlines. Our entire lifestyle is threatened by these events – our safety, health, food, economy, housing, culture, employment etc. For the first time in Man’s history, we may witness a profound change in the planet during our lifetimes and it is a change for which we are responsible. We are witnesses but we are also players. We can take steps to fight global warming. .

What is the greenhouse gas effect?

What’s happening with the climate? Greenhouse gases are part of a natural mechanism. Without them, there would be no life! The atmosphere, soil and Ocean absorb two-thirds of the sun’s energy. The remainder is reflected by the clouds, the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface into space. In return, the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface emit infrared rays that are absorbed by the clouds and the greenhouse gases. Then, most of them are sent back to Earth. The heat is trapped, rather as if it were caught under the windows of a greenhouse. The effect of greenhouse gases is increasing at the moment because emissions of these gases are rising. In 2014, the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were clear – global warming is a certainty. Over the past two hundred years, industrialisation and the use of energies such as oil or coal have risen exponentially. In less than two centuries, we have sent as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as nature has done in several thousand years. The atmosphere is heating up and so is the Ocean.



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