Sustainable Tourism

2017 - International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development - LogoThe General Assembly of the United Nations declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Nausicaa has decided to support the theme by showing how everybody can make a contribution to sustainable tourism through the choices they make as consumers and their lifestyle habits. It is possible to give meaning and value to everything we do by opting for leisure activities that help preserve the marine environment and improve our knowledge of the oceans, marine animals, climate or activities in the maritime sector.

Sustainable tourism for development creates a cultural approach to a region while respecting its ecosystem and explains how, in certain areas of the world, Man lives in harmony with the surrounding biodiversity and makes the best possible use of resources.

Eco-volunteering, citizen sciences, the development of diver networks, sailing or tourists involved in community or environmental conservation programmes are just a few examples of this new form of tourism. This approach involves going back to local populations and respecting local culture. Link with this theme of sustainable tourism.


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