Theme: "Sustainable Tourism on the Côte d’Opale"

Cap Blanc-Nez et plageThe General Assembly of the United Nations has declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.
Every month throughout 2017, Nausicaa will closely examine a topic related to sustainable tourism. From Thursday 27 April to Wednesday 7 June 2017, Nausicaa will look at the theme of sustainable tourism on the Côte d’Opale (The Opal coast).
Nausicaa has decided to endorse the theme of sustainable tourism and wants to show that the Côte d’Opale has a wealth of unexpected resources for leisure and environmentally responsible holidays. These include the coastal nature reserves, the Caps et Marais d’Opale Regional Nature Park, the Natural Marine Park of the Picardy Estuaries and the Sea of Opale, two “Grands Sites de France” (Deux-Caps Blanc-Nez, Gris-Nez / Baie de Somme), and others. These places can also be accessed by cycle routes.


When you visit the Côte d’Opale, you can explore Boulogne-sur-Mer, France’s biggest fishing port and Europe’s largest seafood processing centre, make time to see Nausicaa , the National Sea Centre, and explore the many other interesting sites in the Boulonnais region. The Côte d’Opale has adopted responsible and sustainable tourism as an ethos for the region to enhance its cultural and gastronomic assets.

We recommend these sustainable accommodation options for your holiday:

Accueil Paysan

Accueil Paysan is an association of farmers and those in the rural community who use their agricultural activity or housing to accommodate tourists and provide educational or social activities, helping them continue to make a decent living from their land.

Alex Factory

Alex FactoryThat's 10 years that the concept Alex Factory welcomed its first customers!

Ideally located on the Opal Coast, nestled in the countryside, 10 minutes from Wimereux Wissant, Boulogne sur Mer, five comfortable suites are available Scent of a Woman or more, with family or friends .

Be seduced by this magical place...

Alex Factory respects the environment by offering you local products and a boiler room powered by recycled wood, and by harvesting rainwater.


Inter-Hôtel L'Haut-Aile - Coquelles

A room in the Inter-Hôtel L’HAUT’AILEL’HAUT’AILE will welcome you in a warm atmosphere and a modern setting. L’HAUT’AILE respects the environment (it has earned the HQE, BEPOS and BBC labels) and is energy self-sufficient thanks to its wind turbine. The hotel is located just a few metres away from a fitness trail in green surroundings. Its rooms will give you splendid views of the scenery in our beautiful region and offer you comfort, peace and relaxation. It has a bar/restaurant offering traditional and regional cuisine. Pets are welcome.


Le Clos du Pays sauvage

Pod at Le Clos du Pays SauvageNear the beaches of the Côte d'Opale, you can stay in a field dotted with wild flowers which is peaceful and close to nature with two caravans, two pods (eco-structures built solely from natural building materials and insulation), a dining chalet and a toilet chalet. You are just 10 minutes from Calais, its beach, its port and its ferries, the Channel Tunnel, Cité Europe (a shopping centre) and Calais-Marck Airport.


Deux Caps: a "Grand Site de France"

Cap Blanc-NezThe département of Pas-de-Calais was designated as a “Grand Site de France” on 29 March 2011 for its iconic coastline featuring Deux-Caps, Blanc-Nez and Gris-Nez. The Grand Site de France of Deux-Caps is known and recognised for its exceptional scenery, its colours and the special quality of its light. It stretches along the coastline for 23km, covering eight communities (Wimereux, Ambleteuse, Audresselles, Audinghen, Tardinghen, Wissant, Escalles and Sangatte) and encompasses nearly 7,000 hectares of classified and designated land. It’s an inhabited and protected area of natural beauty, with stunning cliffs, flint farmhouses, the incredible Fort Vauban in Ambleteuse and the amazing art deco steeple of the church in Audinghen. Deux Caps, click here for further information.


Leisure activities on the Côte d’Opale: sustainable leisure

Land sailingYou can discover Boulogne-sur-Mer and the surrounding area by trying out the various sporting activities on offer. There's something for everyone: walking, cycling, tennis, horse riding and water sports, from land sailing to kayaking and kite-surfing, among others.


Pas-de-Calais: an eco-mobile region

The département of Pas-de-Calais offers you the chance to use new modes of transport such as intermodal, cycling, car sharing and others. This makes it easier for people to travel by bike and improved parking for car sharing will reduce transport costs and make a real difference to the environment. The coastal cycle route forms part of EuroVelo route no. 4, which connects Kiev in Ukraine with Roscoff in Brittany. It crosses seven countries and spans a distance of 4,000 km. This route allows you to travel the 30 km from Sangatte to Wimereux while admiring the scenery of Deux-Caps at your own pace. In this area, you can cycle safely on small roads with little traffic and share country lanes with walkers and horse riders.

The Mr. Goodfish programme: sustainable consumption of seafood

Launched in March 2010 by Nausicaa, and the Aquariums of Genoa in Italy and Finisterrae in Spain, the Europe-wide “Mr. Goodfish” programme is intended to raise your awareness of sustainable seafood consumption. The programme aims to involve you in marine resource conservation by publishing, each season, a list of seafood products which are recommended by marine preservation experts. The goal is to preserve vulnerable seafood stocks by consuming other more plentiful varieties. If every French person consumed a species recommended by Mr. Goodfish just once a year, 18,000 tonnes of endangered fish could be saved. "Choosing your fish carefully is good for the sea and good for you". The website enables you to look at the list of seafood products which are recommended for the season, find simple recipes created by top chefs, and also read all of the latest Mr. Goodfish news.

Nausicaa offers you the chance to participate in activities on the Côte d'Opale

L'Océan, parlons-en toute l'année ! 

L'Océan, parlons-en toute l'année - Réseau Océan Mondial - Agenda 2017 en région Hauts-de-France - Cliquez ici pour télécharger l'Agenda (PDF, 685 Ko)

"Thinking that the Ocean has huge potential which can contribute to the wellbeing of mankind, Considering the various aspects of sustainable development and putting forward a new governance model for the Ocean, Innovating in the search for positive solutions thanks to close collaboration between scientists, entrepreneurs and political decision-makers, Involving the public so that they can contribute to this analysis and be a part of this momentum, This is the road to the BLUE SOCIETY…

Throughout 2017, we are holding regular meetings to find out just how close we are to the Ocean. Indulge your curiosity and take part in the activities organised with the help of the many partners of the World Ocean Network in the Hauts-de-France region. We have chosen some of these activities for you. If you take part, this would be the best possible thank you.”
Philippe VALLETTE, Co-president of the World Ocean Network, Director-General of Nausicaa.


Festival of Nature: "The superpowers of nature"

2017 Festival of Nature - PosterNAUSICAA is taking part in the 11th Festival of Nature from Wednesday 17 to Sunday 21 May 2017, under the theme... "The superpowers of nature". This eleventh running of the festival will explore the special features, roles and functions of nature and unravel some of the mystery that surrounds its "superpowers".

On Sunday 21 May 2017, at 3pm, Nausicaa invites everyone to Noirda beach in Audresselles to discover the superpowers of small creatures and seaweed on the rocky coast, the superpowers of sea debris, and the superpowers of the seaside that can aid our wellbeing.

This activity is being organised in partnership with the Biolit and CapOeRa programmes and the Crab Watch survey as part of the Europe-wide SeaChange project.

This event is free and open to anyone over the age of 5. To obtain information or register, contact Nausicaa's education section by telephone on 00 33-3-21-30-99-83 or  by email.


Find us on Facebook for futher information about activities 

Nausicaa gives details of citizen science initiatives on the website

Nausicaa's Citizen Sciences blog - Screenshot of the homepageNausicaa has decided to take up the theme of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by showing that everyone can choose this kind of tourism in their consumer habits and lifestyle choices. Citizen science can be one example of this. Citizen science takes the form of a research programme which anyone can participate in, whether or not they have a knowledge of the field of study concerned. This participation can be active (e.g. animal or plant observation reports) or passive (e.g. using the calculation capacities of a personal computer or smartphone, etc.). This contribution from members of the public makes it possible to gather large quantities of data which researchers could not have collected on their own, over vast geographical areas and long periods of time.



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