IUCN MemberIn November 2006, Nausicaa, became a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, whose mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity  and diversity  of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.  

ICN confirms the qualities of Nausicaa as a main stone to the public awareness in terms of marine environment and sealife


Nausicaa, the National Sea Experience Centre, became a member of the World Conservation Union in November 2006. The Union strives to influence societies all over the world, encourage and help them preserve nature's integrity and diversity and ensure that all uses of natural resources are fair and ecologically sustainable. In welcoming Nausicaa to the Union, the IUCN hails its abilities as a tool to promote general public awareness of the need to preserve the marine environment

Membership in the World Conservation Union will enable Nausicaa to exercise more influence over actions and policy concerning nature conservation and sustainable development and to broadcast its opinion on the major issues of our times at local, national, continental and global levels. The Union is the largest democratic agreement worldwide about the environment. It was established in 1948 and currently includes 82 countries, 111 governmental agencies and over 800 NGO's and some 10,000 scientists and experts from 181 countries. 

Nausicaa, a centre for discovery and education concerning the marine environment, will share its knowledge of the sea. Nausicaa has also been organising concrete general public awareness actions about the marine environment since its opening in 1991 thanks to exhibitions and special events stressing the need to act together along with meetings with marine experts, etc.

Nausicaa has long been deeply involved in various actions on an international scale in its role as a founding member of the World Ocean Network. The National Sea Experience Centre can therefore share with the World Conservation Union its involvement on five continents through its contacts with professionals ensuring general public awareness. Philippe VALLETTE, Nausicaa Managing Director, is also a member of the "Sea and Coast" group of the IUCN France section. 

In gaining admittance to the Union, Nausicaa bolsters its ambition to act at every level to spread the awareness message to the widest possible audience.



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