Who Are We?


The mission to which Nausicaa holds firm is to make people more aware of the need to manage the Oceans in a sustainable way and to encourage responsible behaviour so that the oceans’ beauty and its resources will be available to future generations.
Much more than a mere aquarium, Nausicaa , the French National Sea Experience Centre, is a unique place where visitors can discover the marine environment. At once entertaining, educational and scientific, the Centre derives its originality from its main focus on the relationship between Man and the Sea. Nausicaa ’s large aquariums, giving a sense of underwater exploration, and its state-of-the art technology, all displayed in a 'theatrical' way, are designed to appeal to our imagination. Similarly, Nausicaa ’s specific explanations, its specialised multimedia library, films, temporary exhibitions, conferences, educational programmes, are designed to improve our understanding. Indeed, Nausicaa ’s mission is to raise public awareness about the need to manage the oceans and their resources in a sustainable way. That’s the reason why the French National Sea Experience Centre was recognised as the first Centre of Excellence in 1999 by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.


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