World Festival of Underwater Pictures Foundation

logo fondation FMISMNausicaa is one of the official place where you can easily consult the records World Festival of Underwater Pictures.


Heritage of the " World Festival of Underwater Pictures "

The purpose of the World Festival of Underwater Pictures Foundation is to build up and administrate the heritage of the "World Festival of Underwater Pictures". The Foundation is in charge of managing all productions entrusted to the Festival by participants in the different editions of the Festival, regardless of any awards these may have received. The Foundation aims to be the memory of these authors, and also has for role to facilitate and encourage new productions related to the underwater world

In order to carry out its missions the foundation wishes to be represented in various countries. To this end the foundation names ambassadors having for mission of representing it and of ensuring the management of the regional delegation of the foundation in a given geographical area. Nausicaa is one of these ambassadors.


The Missions of the Ambassadors

  • To promote the Foundation and to develop on the region the consultation of the "works" archived by the Foundation bound for scientists and of the realizers. 
  • To assist the Foundation in the search of works to supplement its archives. 
  • To seek funds intended to maintain the archives the Foundation and to award purses to help some new artists to concretize they works.



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