World Festival of Underwater Pictures

logo FMISMSince 1974, at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures (FMISM), professionals and amateurs well versed in underwater images present a year's work to connoisseurs and aficionados alike.

To fill the audience with wonder

This event, through the diverse works it presents (photographs, films, CD-ROMs, websites, paintings, music, etc.) as well as the strong talent from different nations (over 35 nations in all) contributes to : 

  • providing better knowledge of the marine environment to the general public and professionals; 
  • sharing remarkable experiences; 
  • raising awareness about the riches of the world underwater.

The special prize awarded by Nausicaa


Within the scope of the FMISM, Nausicaa, whose role is to create awareness on how important good management of the ocean's resources is, encourages this effort by awarding the Nausicaa Prize to a film that centres upon ideas and actions to manage the Sea in a sustainable manner. 

To foster films on the sea, Nausicaa is particularly devoted to honouring those awarded at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures, thus enabling people from the North of France (from Paris to Lille, through Reims) to come to admire the most beautiful underwater images in the world. 

The film winning the Nausicaa Prize is then presented at Nausicaa during its own Festival of Sea Imagery, and throughout the year in the multimedia library and in the Centre's cinema.



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