The World Ocean Network

banquiseThere is one global ocean and it is the essence of life on Earth.

Each human being shares responsibility for it.

We only have one ocean and life would be impossible without it, so let’s take care of it together!  

The World Ocean Network – a planetwide initiative for the Ocean

Founded in 2002, on the initiative of Nausicaa, the World Ocean Network (WON) is an international association of museums, aquariums, research centres, educational charities and non-governmental organisations. 

Its purpose is to increase public awareness of the importance of the ocean for humanity, and of the impact our everyday activities are having on the marine environment. 

Building awareness about the crucial role played by the ocean in our daily lives, informing the general public about the state oceans are in, helping them to understand the complexity of maritime problems, publicising sustainable policies, involving the public and changing consumption habits, kindling a desire to adopt a more responsible behaviour in respect of the marine environment – such have been the priorities of the World Ocean Network since its creation in 2002.

The world ocean network is promoting the concept of ocean citizenship

vagueThe World Ocean Network brings together 250 partners from each of the 5 continents. The organisations which participate in the network, which include educational charities and trusts, aquariums, science centres, natural history museums, zoos, the media, NGOs, and so on, have an audience of more than 250 million people each year all over the world. They can make a real contribution to public information campaigns and can effectively raise public awareness of the problems facing the marine environment and the preservation of the ocean. Each of these institutions operates at local level, but through building partnerships and joint-working, the Network is able to make a global impact


An action programme

The Network has launched a joint network-wide communication campaign on the scientific issues in order to reach out to billions of people all around over the next ten years.

The Network has created awareness raising tools such as the Citizen of the Ocean Passport (this passport commits its holder to take action, either individually or with others, for the future of the Ocean).


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