30 years of amazement for our visitors

Nausicaá lovers

At the time of its birthday, Nausicaá is launching the #NausicaaLovers challenge to celebrate 30 years of history with its visitors. To take part in this competition, Nausicaá invites you to share your best souvenir photos on social networks from May 20. Goal: tell your story with Nausicaá, whether it’s your first visit, a memory concerning the Oceans or simply an anecdote.
The most beautiful memories will then be selected by a jury from the Nausicaá crew and will be put on display in the Centre’s lobby.

30 years of commitment to the oceans

Since its opening on 18 May 1991, more than 17 million visitors have discovered the riches of the oceans and have been made aware of the need to preserve their resources at the time of a visit that carries them away to the different marine ecosystems.
In 30 years, Nausicaá has grown and evolved to become one of the largest aquariums in Europe.  A major tourist attraction to the north of Paris, Nausicaá has developed around its mission to raise awareness and encourage its citizen-visitors to commit themselves to the struggle against climate change in particular.


Nausicaá is a place of scientific culture and innovation. The Learning Centre and the Blue Living Lab are two places that open their arms to the general public, students, scientists and start-uppers, where they can find the support and resources they need to bring their projects to fruition.


An enterprise committed to raising the awareness of the general public regarding the major challenges raised by the struggle against climate change, in particular the role played by the oceans in climate regulation, Nausicaá speaks out for the Oceans at major international meetings and defends the concept of a Blue Society.

In order to bring its message home to each and every one of our planet’s inhabitants, the Nausicaá Endowment Fund calls on the generosity of the public and of businesses. The donations received contribute to funding structures and cultural and educational projects, or help to protect the natural environment in the framework of a general interest mission.