What can I do for the climate today?

The fight against climate change is a vast program in which every daily gesture counts and has a positive or negative impact on the climate. Everyone can do their part.

At every moment of the day, choices present themselves: bath or shower? bicycle or car? new jeans or second-hand clothes? tomatoes in January or seasonal products?

To be sustainable or not to be sustainable, that is the question. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is our mission!

« Let’s Think Climate! « and reduce our climate impact.

Nausicaá’s new exhibition « In the eye of the climate » proposes a series of simple gestures to be adopted on a daily basis that could contribute to reducing our carbon emissions at the national level if applied collectively.

I eat seasonal seafood

with Mr.Goodfish

Melting ice, rising waters, hurricanes, fires… a spectacular journey awaits you: 430m2 of projections from the ground to the walls and a sound immersion to discover and experience the effects of global warming! A total immersion to understand your power to act on a daily basis.

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