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LATIN NAME: Carettochelys insculpta

FAMILY: Carettochelyidae

PHYLUM: Chordata

CLASS: Reptilia

This freshwater turtle is the only one to have a prominent snout.

The pig-nosed turtle is a freshwater turtle that lives in calm stretches of river and isolated lakes. It can sometimes be seen at sea and it lays on certain beaches in the same way as marine turtles.

It is omnivorous and feeds on snails, fish and crustaceans, as well as on aquatic plants and fruit fallen in the water. With its snout, it can dig in the silt to catch larvae and other food.

It can measure up to 70 cm and weighs 30 kg.

  • Distribution :

    Rivers in the south of Papua-New Guinea, in Indonesia and in northern and north-eastern Australia.
  • IUCN Status :


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Biomimetics: the turtle has inspired the construction of the u-cat undersea robot for observing different seabed environments without creating turbulence.

The pig-nosed turtle is the only turtle in the world to have a prominent snout, which gives it its name.

A common emblem of the Aboriginal People, the pig-nosed turtle is becoming scarce, mainly due to the destruction of its habitat, but also due to the pet trade.

Its predators are mainly saltwater and estuary crocodiles. Herds of buffalo may inadvertently trample the nests, eggs and young on the banks.

This turtle, which normally lives in rivers, is able to behave like a marine turtle and swim non-stop over large distances to colonise other islands. When it swims underwater, like marine turtles, the pig-nosed turtle seems to glide.

What does it like to eat at NAUSICAA? Small pieces of mango!

The females lay twice a year during the dry season. They dig a nest 50 cm deep during the night to lay their eggs. The baby turtles then hatch between 53 and 101 days later depending on the temperature.

40 eggs: The pig-nosed turtle can lay up to 40 eggs in its nest.





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