Publié le May 11, 2018

Mankind and Shores – Area 18 : At sea on board the Thalassa

Enjoy a unique experience aboard the Thalassa!
The raging sea off the coast of Scotland…waves are unleashed, gusts blow over the passageway, machines let out a deafening roar. On the porthole of the bow, the windscreen wipers struggle against the sea spray. Reeling on the gangway, you will experience so many intense sensations on the Thalassa’s recreated gangway.

Reportage du 2 juillet 2014 - espace Thalassa, Nausicaa

At Nausicaá you can experience what it’s really like to be part of an oceanographic campaign aboard a ship belonging to the French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea (Ifremer). Embark and discover the cabin, the traces left by trawl nets and the fish sorting area. Explore the different life-size spaces recreated on the Thalassa and learn about the scientists’ work on board. You will understand how the results of an oceanographic campaign provide data for better assessing the state of the resources, and improved management of fishing resources as a result.


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