Publié le May 11, 2018

Encounter in the high seas – Blue Society Forum

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The Ocean is an essential element of the planet’s natural balance. The source of life on Earth, it regulates the climate, recycles water and produces oxygen.
Join Nausicaá’s Blue Society forum, enjoy the interactive terminals in a group or individually, and test your knowledge about our blue planet. Discover the challenges facing humanity and join in debates for better management of the Oceans.


What is the Blue Society ?

The Blue Society seeks to create positive growth in order to meet the needs of our society, for today and the future. Positive and respectful development of marine species is possible, taking into account the political, economic, environmental, technological, cultural and citizenship aspects. The oceans offer us many opportunities for the future, for food, energy, health, pollution management, and economic and social development. Solutions proposed aim to create a sustainable and more equitable society.





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