Publié le May 11, 2018

Moving towards a Blue Society

The aim of the Blue Society is to cater for society’s present and future needs in a spirit of “positive” growth by harnessing the enormous potential that the global ocean offers us. It is based on responsible use of marine resources and the development of innovative technologies and new products which create jobs and economic resources. Thanks to the exchange of know-how, the sharing of knowledge and the adoption of this vision by scientists, businesses, political decision-makers and citizens, positive solutions and innovative experience can emerge and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and fairer society.

Every year, through its work, exhibitions and events, Nausicaá raises awareness of the marine environment and invites people to take action to live in harmony with the Blue Planet.

Nausicaá acts as an ocean sentinel interface and has followed the initiatives of partners all over the world to enable everyone to understand and learn more about our fabulous planet and participate in these activities.

Nausicaá offers people a chance to participate, act, react and express themselves, and since 2014, it has invited people to vote on the oceans through voting terminals which have been installed at the end of the exhibition tour. This voting system is used to raise visitors’ awareness of important topics and find out their opinions on ocean-related issues; their concerns and suggestions are then passed on to the relevant professionals and decision-makers at a regional, national and international level. This further strengthens Nausicaá’s  role as an interface between the public, professionals and decision-makers.

In 2015, over 18,000 visitors expressed their views on climate and over 26,000 expressed their views on the Blue Society.

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