Publié le May 11, 2018

Mankind and Shores – Area 15 : Californian Reserve for sea Lions

Aurélia Caron, soigneuse de Nausicaa, et un lion de mer

You won’t find imposing manes at the reserve, but shiny skins and great intelligence. The 7 Californian sea lions living at Nausicaa will surprise and delight both children and adults! After a big decline in their total worldwide number, many sea lions were placed in reserves to ensure their protection. The reserves are also the ideal place to discover and understand these incredible animals.

At Nausicaá, the first time you will meet our sea lions is … in a glass tunnel! Immersed in a tank containing a million litres of water, you can see what amazing swimmers they are! Live a unique experience and dive with them. Once on the surface, you can see these exceptional animals in their reconstructed habitat, between cliffs and wooden buildings. Guided by the caretakers, our sea lions undergo a physical or medical training, allowing us to protect them and make sure they are in good health.


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Otarie lors d'une animation à Nausicaa


Weighing up to 250 kg, the sea lion is a marine mammal living in the open sea and on the rocky shores of the Pacific side of the United States, as well as on the Galapagos Islands. He uses his fins to walk and swim up to 30 km/h!

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