Publié le August 31, 2020

I moderate my communications

I limit my emails and text messages.

An email emits 4 g of CO2, a text message 0.014 g of CO2. Sending 33 emails of 1 Mb to 2 recipients per day per person annually generates emissions which are equivalent to 180 kg of CO2. Digital technology already accounts for 10 to 15% of the world’s electricity consumption!

I don’t want to send an email that is not important – I save 4 g of CO2.

I don’t want to send 1 sms – I save 0.014 g of CO2.

I limit the number and weight of attachments (compressed files, pdf in low resolution…) by preferring to send an internet link.

I choose a laptop computer rather than a desktop.

Laptop computers use 50 to 80% less energy than desktops. Don’t forget to remove the charger once the battery is charged, this extends its life, and reduces your electricity bill.

A one-minute search on the Internet consumes 100 watts on a desktop computer, 20 watts on a laptop, a few watts on a tablet, and even less on a phone. Source ADEME.

And you can save money! A TV box consumes 3 times more than a television and an internet box 6 times more. And don’t leave it in charge when you don’t use it. You can save €30 per year.


« Let’s think climate! « : other gestures to adopt in order to take action on a daily basis


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