Publié le August 27, 2020

Whether you are dining at home or in a restaurant, follow the advice of Mr.Goodfish to consume seafood without harming the oceans and biodiversity! 

Consume responsibly

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Mr.Goodfish? No, it’s not the director of Nausicaá!

Mr.Goodfish is the name of a European programme initiated by Nausicaá and two other large aquariums (the Acquario di Genova in Italy and the Aquarium Finiterrae in Spain), which aims to make you aware of how to consume seafood responsibly. When we say “you”, we mean “you”, the consumers behind your screen.

However, we also mean all the professionals (fishermen, processors, wholesalers, restaurant owners, etc.). Some species of fish are endangered. In practical terms, if we continue to consume them indiscriminately, we are heading for disaster.


Fish endangered or not endangered?

Mr.Goodfish helps you choose fish that are not threatened by extinction through awareness campaigns, as well as a website and a handy mobile application, where you can find lists of fish that are recommended based on their origin for each season, together with recipes to prepare them.

According to Philippe Vallette, director of Nausicaá, if consumers choose a Mr.Goodfish fish instead of another fish, even just once a year, the impact will be positive on 20,000 tons of endangered species. Mr.Goodfish is represented by a blue logo affixed on the labels of fishmongers’ stalls and on restaurant menus, as well as all the professionals involved in the initiative.


Star… fish

Good news: many restaurant owners, partners of Nausicaá, have come onboard in Boulogne region and throughout all of France. Some even have special menus.

An example of this is La Matelote, a famous Michelin-starred restaurant in Boulogne-sur-Mer, which has been involved in the initiative since 2008, and whose Discovery menu has been approved by Mr.Goodfish. The other Michelin-starred restaurant in the Boulogne region, La Liégeoise, which is the emblematic restaurant of the Hotel Atlantic in Wimereux, is also truly committed, especially as seafood accounts for 90% of the menu. We could also mention the Ilot Vert in Boulogne-sur-Mer and the Hostellerie de la Rivière in Saint-Etienne-au-Mont, two magnificent addresses, which offer mouth-watering gastronomic cuisine and advocate respect for the environment.


Good restaurants are pledging their commitment

Gourmet restaurants have not been the only ones to pledge their commitment. The Boulogne region is packed with brasseries and restaurants geared towards fresh produce and local supply chains. To them, Mr.Goodfish was simply obvious.

This is the case, for example, with the Table de Nicolas and the Escale in Boulogne-sur-Mer, and the Clos des Brasseurs in Samer in the borderlands. By initiating this programme, Nausicaá has succeeded in mobilising all players in the sector so that from boat to plate, fishing is as responsible as possible. Mr.Goodfish is one of the many conservation initiatives implemented by the aquarium.

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