Publié le September 28, 2020

Educational workshop – Abyss trip

Age of the pupils: From 9 to 12 years old
Duration: 1H
Number of participants: 110 seats


  • Discover the abyss’ ecosystem and the extreme environmental conditions factors
  • Discover the species living in the abyss
  • Understand the importance to preserve its resources

Learning method: cognitive, sensory.

Message: The ecosystem of the abyss is still little known. It produces resources for Mankind: biodiversity, molecules useful in the medical fields or in industry, oil, minerals, resources for fishing… But the abyss is a vulnerable world threatened by. The preservation of the World Ocean and its treasures requires the preservation of its deep seas.

Description: Let’s go for an incredible adventure! It’s time to discover the abyss. Get ready for a dive that will take you 6000 meters down to the bottom of the Ocean. The trip begins with a free dive to discover what lies just below the surface. Then, equipped with diving bottles or scuba suits, discover life up to 60 meters below the surface. And finally, take a seat aboard a submarine that will allow you to discover wonders that the abyss offers.

Additional tools: Documents will be given at the end of the workshop for further study or to evaluate your group.

Information:  Please contact us at if you need more information about this workshop.

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