Publié le August 31, 2020

I reduce my energy consumption

I switch off my electrical appliances rather than leaving them in standby mode.

The annual cost of this accumulation of this “low consumption” over time can often be greater than the appliance’s consumption in operating mode!

I wash my clothes at low temperatures.

Washing clothes at 30° C consumes three times less energy than at 90°C and twice as less at 40°C.

I leave my heating on at night during cold weather.

The savings made by turning your heating off will be wiped out by the energy needed to make up the lost degrees. And it’s important to improve how your home is insulated.

And you can save money! Lowering the temperature in a home of 120 m2 heated with electricity can reduce your bill by 12,5%, which amounts to €484 per year.


« Let’s think climate! « : other gestures to adopt in order to take action on a daily basis


Melting ice, rising waters, hurricanes, fires… a spectacular journey awaits you: 430m2 of projections from the ground to the walls and a sound immersion to discover and experience the effects of global warming! A total immersion to understand your power to act on a daily basis.

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