Publié le May 16, 2018

Nausicaá is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. Some figures show the new dimension of Nausicaá.

10 000 m² 

the main exhibition area

60 000

the number of creatures

1 600

the number of different species

17 000 m3

the total volume of water at Nausicaá

10 000 m3

the volume of water in the High seas aquarium

7 km

the length of the water piping

100 m2

the area of the big viewing panel (20 metres long x 5 metres high)


the number of weeks needed to completely fill the High seas aquarium

208 kg

the weight of the biggest creature in Nausicaá (Speedy, the sea lion)

31 years

the age of the oldest creature in Nausicaá ( the sand tiger shark)

16 million

the number of visitors since Nausicaá’s opening in 1991


the number of shark species in Nausicaá


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