Publié le August 31, 2020

I choose what I eat


I reduce my meat consumption.

The FAO estimates that stock breeding accounts for 14.5% of world greenhouse gas emissions especially cattle rearing which is responsible for two thirds of these emissions.

I buy locally sourced products in season.

By buying directly from the producer I can make savings compared to buying in supermarkets especially on organic meat. And I reduce the impact from transport.

I reduce food wast.

Household food waste in France represents 20 kg of waste per year per person including 7 kg of non-consumed and still wrapped. This increases the carbon footprint.

I drink tap water.

It takes around 160 kg of CO2 to produce a 1 L plastic bottle (i.e. the equivalent of the emissions of a 1km car journey) and you also have to take in account the carbon emissions linked to transport.

And you can save money! Avoiding food waste can allow you to save about €208 per year and per person.


« Let’s think climate! « : other gestures to adopt in order to take action on a daily basis


Melting ice, rising waters, hurricanes, fires… a spectacular journey awaits you: 430m2 of projections from the ground to the walls and a sound immersion to discover and experience the effects of global warming! A total immersion to understand your power to act on a daily basis.

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