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Boulogne-sur-Mer, Monday 23 September 2019






Nausicaá opens the Blue Living Lab, the first company incubator dedicated to the marine economy and the development of technological solutions at the service of the Oceans.

Ever since it opened, Nausicaá has always been keen to contribute to the vitality and economic dynamism of the Boulogne area while raising the citizens’ and economic players’ awareness of the importance of respecting the Ocean and preserving marine resources and species. Set up on the quays of the number-one French fishing port, Nausicaá is convinced that it is in this way that the local economy will be able to develop while respecting our blue planet.

The creation of the Blue Living Lab at the French National Sea Centre aims to facilitate the emergence of innovations that will create economic and environmental value. More than a conventional incubation programme, the Blue Living Lab aims to be a platform for collaborative innovation thanks to the involvement of the million people who visit the French National Sea Centre every year. The promoters of new projects being assisted here will benefit from a veritable laboratory for testing their ideas and innovations with the Nausicaá community.

The Blue Living Lab illustrates the commitment of the Nausicaá teams to the development of their region and the promotion of their values regarding the protection of marine biodiversity. Allowing young companies to access the Nausicaá tool is one way of speeding up the scientific research into the Oceans that is so essential for their preservation”, explains Florence HURON, Project Director at the French National Sea Centre

About Nausicaá

Nausicaá, the French National Sea Centre, is much more than an aquarium. The Centre’s mission is above all to raise the awareness of the public regarding better management of the Oceans and their resources. Nausicaá is a one-of-a-kind Centre dedicated to the discovery of the marine environment. It is enjoyable, educational and scientific, essentially focusing on the relationship between Man and the Sea. 58,000 animals, gigantic aquariums, 10,000 sq.m of exhibitions, and cutting edge technologies all contribute to a grandiose spectacle. In 28 years, NAUSICAA has welcomed more than 17 million visitors and has carved out a place for itself as a major player for raising awareness of the marine environment.

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