Publié le June 26, 2018

Educational workshop – Let me sea!

Age of the pupils: From 9 to 12 years old
Duration: 1H
Number of participants: 110 seats

Objectives: Understand the relationship between mankind and the sea.

Learning method: cognitive, scientific.

Message: The Sea is a wonderful world worth to be known: a diversity of life forms, environments, relationships and ecosystems. The sea is essential to our life on earth. Dive with Nausicaá in the marine world and take action!

Description: Using remote voting, students participate in a fun and interactive quiz. The first part of the quiz is dedicated to what the sea bring us each day (air, food, medicine, transport…). Students will be become aware of the importance of preserving Oceans. The second part focuses on Nausicaá and our animals. The animator will take the opportunity to present a few anecdotes and show animals (starfish, jellyfish, plankton) under a binocular microscope and broadcast them on the giant screen.

Additional tools: Documents will be given at the end of the workshop for further study or to evaluate your group.

Information:  Please contact us at if you need more information about this workshop.

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