Publié le September 1, 2020

Conservation initiative: Nausicaá sponsors the Malpelo Foundation


© Renaud Herbert

Through the tenacity of Sandra Bessudo, Malpelo island, which inspired the Journey on the High Seas exhibition at Nausicaá, has become a vast marine sanctuary. In 1999, this French-Colombian biologist and diver created the Malpelo Foundation to protect the island and fight against illegal fishing and shark finning.

Nausicaá supports the foundation’s initiatives and in particular, a research project focused on preserving hammerhead sharks. The project involves the acoustic tagging of sharks so that tagged individuals can be tracked. This has already revealed connectivity between the different islands in the tropical eastern Pacific.

Through this work carried out within the MigraMar network, scientists have discovered that over the last few years, all species have been rebuilding their populations, apart from hammerhead sharks, which are suffering from overfishing.

By spring 2018, the Malpelo Foundation had already tagged five female hammerhead sharks. Through Nausicaá’s financial support for the foundation, other sharks will be tagged. Nausicaá will publish the results of the expeditions to visitors and on the website.




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