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NAUSICAA, the French National Sea Centre,

takes part in the Ocean & Climate Platform’s

 media briefing





On Wednesday, 11 September 2019, NAUSICAA took part in the media briefing of the Ocean & Climate Platform of which the Centre is a founding member. The goal of this event was to present the scientific popularisation datasheets on the IPCC’s special Ocean and Cryosphere report whose publication is scheduled for 25 September 2019. The only French NGO to have taken part in the review of this major document, the Platform today presents “Océan et Changement Climatique : Les nouveaux défis” (Oceans and Climate Change: the new challenges), a booklet explaining the five key themes examined in this report: global warming, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, extreme events and deoxygenation. All alarming phenomena that constitute significant challenges for the future and whose complex interactions are summarised in two all-encompassing graphs: “Les interactions Océan-Climat : des liens de cause à effet” (Ocean-Climate interactions: links between cause and effect) and “Océan et changement climatique” (Oceans and climate change).

Ocean & Climate Platform

The Ocean & Climate Platform (OCP) was born from an alliance between non-governmental organisations and research institutes bringing together more than 70 organisations, scientific bodies, universities, research institutes, aquariums etc. whose goal is to take full advantage of scientific expertise and make a case regarding the Ocean-Climate challenges with political decision-makers and the general public.

On the strength of its expertise, the OCP provides its support to decision-makers seeking scientific information and orientation for the accomplishment of public policies. The OCP also answers a need expressed equally by the scientific community, by representatives of the private sector and of society in general. Their aim is to create an environment for meeting, discussing and exchanging thoughts, which allows the Ocean and Climate players to build an effective, holistic approach to cope with the challenge of protecting marine ecosystems and the struggle against climate change.


The Ocean, for the future of humanity

Oceans are essential for our Planet’s natural balance. They regulate the climate, recycle water and produce oxygen. Cradle of life on Earth, the sea is populated down to its deepest depths by billions of living beings. This ocean life is a source of food and could be at the origin of potential precious riches for mankind such as new drugs. Immense and powerful, the Oceans also have a potential in terms of energy and mineral resources that could meet the needs of a fast-developing population. Numerous activities such as tourism, fishing, aquaculture and maritime transport are related to the sea, thus offering not only very significant economic benefits but also millions of jobs, provided we preserve the Oceans and manage them sustainably. Lastly, the Oceans occupy a major place in science and in our cultures.

“An Ocean in good health, means a protected climate”, and our capacity today to preserve a sustainable world, respectful of life in general, depends on a good understanding of these links between cause and effect. Although the Oceans are particularly vulnerable to climate change, they can also provide mitigation and adaptation solutions.


NAUSICAA, much more than an aquarium

NAUSICAA, the French National Sea Centre, became the largest aquarium in Europe in 2018. A one-of-a-kind Centre dedicated to the discovery of the marine environment, that is enjoyable, educational and scientific, essentially focusing on the relationship between Man and the Sea. The Centre’s mission is to raise the public’s awareness for a better management of the oceans and their resources and encourage everyone to act. NAUSICAA takes part in a number of research programmes and activities as well as in European reproduction programmes. NAUSICAA is UNESCO’s “Centre of Excellence” for its awareness-raising initiatives.

In 28 years, NAUSICAA has welcomed nearly 17 million visitors and has carved out a place for itself as a major player for raising awareness of the marine environment. The opening of an extension in 2018 around a pool recreating the ecosystem of the High Seas has made NAUSICAA one of the largest aquariums in Europe. For 2019 and 2020, NAUSICAA has chosen to develop the theme of Heroes of the Sea and shine a spotlight on the people who discover, study, experiment, protect, and dedicate themselves in order to benefit the Oceans.



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