Publié le September 1, 2020

Nausicaá, the coral gardener

The high seas tank welcomes many new residents, including the giant manta ray, as well as a variety of corals.

Nausicaá has mastered coral cutting for more than 20 years and 70 species of coral are bred in the centre. Coral production takes place behind the scenes of the centre; the carers then implant the coral in the tanks, thus making them the gardeners of the sea. Eventually nearly 10,000 coral cuttings will cover the high seas tank, which you can see as you pass through the underwater tunnel.

The coral presented at Nausicaá comes from our production.

This cutting technique is used in the natural environment by the Reefscapers association sponsored by Nausicaá. This association is repopulating reefs in the Maldives following bleaching episodes linked to climate change.


Photos: Dominique Mallevoy

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