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nausicaa aquarium boulogne sur merNausicaá, the French National Sea Centre


New exhibition “In the Eye of the Climate”

July 2020




Starting from 25 July 2020, Nausicaá will be projecting its visitors

“Into the Eye of the Climate”, an original immersive experience

at the heart of the challenges raised by climate change



The climate is this century’s major challenge: recent climatic events have raised our awareness of the scale of the phenomenon. Storms, flooding, coastal erosion… these are all serious preoccupations now.  

Faced with such upheaval, the world is mobilising.  

On-board the Nausicaá Explorer, a capsule that travels through space and time, the visitor leaves a house on the coast to dive into the coral reefs and underwater jungles. They can marvel at the ballet of the jellyfish and the pranks played by the penguins before immersing themselves in an amazing experience at the heart of the climatic upheaval. Subjected to floods, fires and storms, the visitor feels in the depth of their soul, just how urgent it is that we save our planet. They discover the solutions that can be implemented to combat the scale of global warming and limit its impact and, at the end of the visit, they can also become a player in this mobilisation and commit themselves to actively support climate change alongside the Nausicaá crew. 

Thanks to video mapping technology – such as used for the Les Baux-de-Provence light show and the Atelier des Lumières in Paris – the Pixel n’Pepper studio are putting on an immersive 3D virtual image show where the sensorial experience is, for the first time a worldwide effort in support of the climatic challenge. With 22 video projectors, 16 light projectors, 12 passive speakers, 4 bass bins, 4 amplifiers, a 430 sq.m floor and wall projection surface, representing more than 45 million pixels, the special effects are spectacular. Immersion in the eye of the climate is total.

This new exhibition fits in perfectly with the mission Nausicaá has been striving to achieve since it was founded in 1991: raise awareness and educate mankind regarding the life of the Oceans and their frailty.

The degradation of our planet’s condition is now acknowledged by everyone and is giving rise to a growing public movement. We all have a role to play because oceans, climate and human life are closely intertwined and with each passing day we can see it is becoming increasingly urgent to defend our marine environments. This is Nausicaá’s very raison d’être.


Practical info

This new exhibition – not to be missed on any account – is open every day starting from 25 July from 9.30am to 6.30pm for an extra charge of €3.90, and is free for children aged under 12 throughout the summer.



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