Publié le September 28, 2020

Educational workshop – Sharks! I am not even scared!

Age of the pupils: From 9 to 17 years old
Duration: 1H
Number of participants: 110 seats


  • Discover sharks (physical characteristics, species, diet, lifestyle, reproduction, etc.)
  • Understand its role and importance in the marine ecosystem
  • Learn about sharks’ threats to understand the need for its preservation

Learning method: Cognitive, playful and sensory

Message: There are several species of sharks with their proper way of life, diet, mode of reproduction… The shark is a living being, a useful animal, dangerous but not mean. Nowadays, it is a threatened animal. Knowing sharks allow us to better understand and respect them.

Description: Starting from our preconceptions about sharks, the animator will progressively bring elements concerning its lifestyle and characteristics. Concrete examples will be put forward to improve the students’ knowledge on this topic.

Additional tools: Documents will be given at the end of the workshop for further study or to evaluate your group.

Information:  Please contact us at if you need more information about this workshop.

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