Publié le May 7, 2020

Journey on the high seas – Area 12 : The great spectacle of the Ocean

Discover the immense window and be immersed in the deep blue sea at the heart of the new exhibition. You are face to face with original Pacific ocean species such as the sunfish, the manta ray and the hammerhead shark. The collection of fauna seen through the immense window reproduces the sea bed that Man rarely gets to see up close.

Grande baie Nausicaa avec raie manta
Nausicaá met the challenge and recreated the environment around Malpelo Island, located off the coast of Colombia. From the surface to the depths, the biodiversity is an amazingly rich resource. Hidden in the coral near the surface or in the caves of the abyss, fish take refuge in this natural paradise.
The grandiose show at Europe’s biggest aquarium unfolds before your eyes through the vast window, worthy of the biggest cinema screens. This window on to the mysterious world of the Ocean travelled 2,000km to Nausicaá from Italy, where it was built. Measuring 5-metres-high and 20-metres-long, and weighing 54 tonnes, this single piece of glass is a technical and scientific feat.

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