Publié le July 17, 2019

Mankind and shores – Area 1 : The World Ocean

The Blue Planet is the cradle of life. The five oceans that surround it are full of mysteries, which have always offered mankind adventure, resources and a source of technical and scientific development. In reality, these maritime areas, which have no apparent borders, make up just one Ocean in which creatures of all sizes, shapes and colours live. Predators and prey share this realm, which is the very source of life on Earth.



Because it produces oxygen and is home to an incredible number of species, the Ocean acts as our planet’s heart and lungs at the same time. Man uses the Ocean to find food, to travel and to trade with faraway countries, exploits its mineral resources, and now uses it as a source of energy. This link between Man and the Ocean is vital but fragile, and if marine resources are not managed well, this could soon pose a threat to the Ocean’s incredible biodiversity and natural balance.


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