Publié le June 25, 2018

Educational workshop – To the rythm of the tides

Age of the pupils: From 6 to 10 years old
Duration: 1H
Number of participants: 110 seats

Explore the marine biodiversity: the sea is full of life!

  • Learning anecdotes about sea animals
  • Introduction to the life under the sea: from birth to death in the sea and on the beach

Learning method: fun, cognitive, sensorial.

Message: The Sea is full of life, different animals, large, small, of all colours, all shapes. These animals are sometimes visible at low tide but they also leave traces all around. It’s time for us to discover and take care of the sea.

Description: After a high tide or a storm, we can find on the beach traces of animals that lived in or on the sea: a shell, a feather etc. Once on the beach they will form what is called the « high tide mark ». The activity leader will use the foreshore and a binocular magnifier to explore the marine biodiversity and the particularities of each species.

Additional tools: Documents will be given at the end of the workshop for further study or to evaluate your group.

Information:  Please contact if you need more information on this workshop

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