Publié le August 31, 2020

I choose the way I travel

I do not fly over short distances.

A high-speed train will get you to the city centre quicker than a plane for journeys less than 700 km, and reduce your emissions (between 73 and 254 g of  CO2/km/passenger compared to only 14 g by train).

I ride a bike, or walk for short journeys.

Cycling in the city can save time, avoid CO2 emissions (travelling 10 km by bike every day, rather than by car, avoids annual emissions of 700 kg of CO2).

And you can save money! Choosing car-sharig instead of your individual car for a 20 km daily trip can allow you to save €2.070 per year.


« Let’s think climate! « : other gestures to adopt in order to take action on a daily basis


Melting ice, rising waters, hurricanes, fires… a spectacular journey awaits you: 430m2 of projections from the ground to the walls and a sound immersion to discover and experience the effects of global warming! A total immersion to understand your power to act on a daily basis.

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