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Boulogne-sur-Mer, 14 October 2019










European and Chinese aquariums have adopted a joint declaration to take action to protect our planet and its biodiversity.

Meeting simultaneously between 14 and 19 October 2019, for the annual conference of the European Union of Aquarium Curators (EUAC) in Boulogne-sur-Mer, and for the Forum of the China National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association that is being held at the same time in Huzhou, the European aquarium curators and the Chinese aquarium curators adopted a joint declaration of commitments aiming to initiate changes of behaviour to limit climate change and combat the loss of biodiversity.


Whilst reinforcing their role as a forum for scientific and educational interaction with the public, the signatory aquariums also pledged to support the creation of protected marine areas and contribute to the United Nation’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, with the goal of enabling a better understanding of the essential role played by the oceans and of the need to preserve their resources.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, the aquariums want to strengthen their actions in the field now, by undertaking further research and developing new conservation programmes to protect humanity’s shared assets, that are the Oceans and biodiversity.

As attentive and committed observers, the aquariums have already been investing for many years in the reduction of their environmental impact. With this declaration, they want to go further by engaging in a zero-plastics initiative and serving as “The Champions” for education around the subject of sustainable consumption of the produce of the Sea.


In our capacity as scientists, biologists or oceanographers, we are fully aware that it is necessary to live in harmony with our Planet, to make the most of the resources of the Oceans in a sustainable way, that’s to say by benefiting from the interest they generate without dipping into the capital.

This situation is now critical and requires everyone’s mobilisation. With my European and Chinese colleagues, we have decided to commit ourselves collectively to acting in a concrete way,” explains Philippe VALLETTE, director general of the French National Sea Centre and President of the International Aquarium Network.

NAUSICAA, French National Sea Centre, in Boulogne-sur-Mer

NAUSICAA is much more than an aquarium. The Centre’s mission is above all to raise the public’s awareness of how important it is to manage the oceans and their resources better and encourage everyone to act. NAUSICAA is a one-of-a-kind Centre dedicated to the discovery of the marine environment, that is enjoyable, educational and scientific, essentially focusing on the relationship between Man and the Sea. 58,000 animals, gigantic aquariums, 10,000 sq.m of exhibitions and cutting edge technology all contribute to an amazing spectacle on a vast scale. In 28 years, NAUSICAA has welcomed more than 17 million visitors and established itself as a major player for raising awareness of the marine environment.


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