Our vocation is to welcome you and raise your awareness to a better managing of the Sea: ‘The Sea matters to all of us!’ To get the best of your visit in terms of comfort and security, please take note of the following recommendations:


Article 1: Clothing and behaviour:

Please :

  • Wear proper street clothing during your visit. Bare chest and feet are strictly forbidden, so as swimsuits.
  • Please stay in line if requested.
  • Do not shout or run inside the building or behave brutally, do not risk your own safety and health or those of others (by jumping, pushing, crushing…).
  • Skate-boarding, roller-skating and cycling is not allowed inside the premises.
  • Do not use lighters or matches inside the exhibitions, do not smoke or use vaporizers.
  • Do not have a wash or clean up your clothing in the toilets hand basins.
  • Do not disturb other’s people tranquility.


Article 2: Animals:

Dogs or any other pets are strictly forbidden inside the exhibitions.


Article 3: Use of cameras and camcorders

  • Do not use flash
  • Do not use torches for camcorders, except with the written consent of Nausicaa’s Head of Communication.


Article 4: Respect of marine and terrestrial animals:

Please :

  • Do not knock on the tanks windows, or use objects which could damage them (keys, jewels…).
  • Do not throw anything on the tanks windows.
  • Do not throw or drop anything in the tanks (litter, paper, coins..)
  • Do not throw your hand in the water except if the signaling system or a NAUSICAA crew member invites you to (Touch tank). In that case please do not throw water.
  • Do not brutalize animals in the touch tank; do not take them out of the water.
  • Do not spit on the floor or in the water.
  • Do not feed the animals.


Article 5: Hygiene and security:

The under 18’s have to be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please :

  • Do not use the escalators with a child in a push chair.
  • Do not go across security gates, sit or hold yourself up or your kids on the guardrails.
  • Do not bend yourself towards the water.
  • Do not try to touch the sea lions (risk of serious bite).
  • Do not eat or drink anywhere else than bar, restaurant or picnic areas.

The Management reserves the right to deny access to strollers in the exhibition busy days for reasons of security and comfort. Access is strictly prohibited bulky strollers.

The Management reserves the right to forbid the entry of the building and to expel anyone whose look or behaviour would not fit the elementary civic rules or the previously detailed recommendations.

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