Publié le June 25, 2018

Educational workshop – Zoom into marine life

Age of the pupils: From 8 to 18 years old
Duration: 1H
Number of participants: 110 seats

Explore the marine biodiversity: the sea is full of life!

  • Explore the species diversity and interactions (food chain, reproduction)
  • Discover the importance of a good water quality for survival of the species
  • Learning anecdotes about sea animals

Learning method: cognitive, scientific.

Message: Biodiversity is essential for the natural development of all ecosystems on our planet. … Biodiversity is essential to the well-being and health of human beings. We live near or close to the sea so our daily activities have an impact on the marine world: there are actions that each individual can start at home to reduce and limit his impact on the marine environment and help maintain biodiversity.

Description: With a binocular magnifier and a video projector, the animator shows the pupils various living beings on the big screen (starfish, brittle star, sea urchin, mussel, barnacle, anemone, coral …). The magnification reveals the anatomy of the animal, the movement of the animal, its reproductive system …

Additional tools: Documents will be given at the end of the workshop for further study or to evaluate your group.

Information:  Please contact us at if you need more information about this workshop.

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