The entire Nausicaá crew is happy to see you again!

From May 19, take to the open sea and escape around the seas of the world. [/ color_span]

On the program: the warmth and colors of the tropical lagoon, the mystery of the High Seas, immersion in the climatic whirlpool and our new photo exhibition « Sentinels of the climate »!
Rediscover the pleasure of an experience with family or friends at Nausicaá!

Our reception capacity being initially reduced, the online purchase of your ticket and the reservation of your arrival will make it possible to limit the queues, as well as to manage the flows in order to welcome you in the best conditions. Exceptionally and for a limited time, any exit will be final.


You will be able to use the tickets booked on line for a visit from october, the 30 th onwards until 10 May 2021 and season ticket holders’ subscriptions will be extended for the length of time Nausicaá remains closed (excluding the annual closure period).

Should you have any questions regarding tickets or need clarification → please contact the Nausicaá teams by email

Nausicaá offers you the best possible conditions for your visit


It is compulsory to wear a facemask for all visitors aged 11 and overand recommended for children aged 6 and over (contact our reception staff if you have forgotten yours).




There are self-service hand disinfection points at the entrance and all along the visit.




For your own protection, we ask you not to touch the aquarium windows.




The route through the exhibitions has been rethought to allow you to enjoy a family experience while respecting the essential physical distancing.


  • There are hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at your disposal as soon as you arrive.  You will find a large number of these dispensers spread around our exhibition areas (toilets, lifts, close to the touchscreens, shop, etc.). The soap in our toilets has been replaced with disinfectant soap, and we invite you to wash your hands regularly.
  • • Each toilet block will be under the supervision of the cleaning staff at all times, and disinfected frequently as will the bannisters, door handles, touchscreens, lift keyboards, etc.
  • Our three catering points are closed. We will open them again as soon as we are authorised to do so. There are automatic hot- and cold-drink and confectionery dispensers available in the lobby,with a special consumption area (with a limited number of places) provided. The applicable social distancing rules must always be born in mind there.


When you arrive, your temperature will be taken automatically, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. If there are any doubts, you and the people with you will be taken charge of and taken to see the Ambulance Service regulator who, depending on the answers you give to his questions in complete confidentiality, will allow you to visit our exhibitions, or not.

  • • To access NAUSICAÁ, it is compulsory to wear a facemask for all visitors aged 11 and over, and recommended for children aged 6 and over. Please bring your own masks with you. For anyone who does not have a mask or has forgotten to bring one with them, we have masks on sale at cost price.
  • There’s a one-way system for visiting the exhibitions,and you are requested to comply strictly with this.


  • All of our exhibition spaces will be accessible,however in a limited number of areas you will be able to admire our animals, but barriers will be in place preventing you from getting close to them.
  • Social distancing of at least one metre between people who are not from the same “tribe”   (family, group of fewer than 10 people who arrived together, etc.). The management of our flows of people will allow us to ensure you have a free space of at least 4 sq.m. around you.
  • • To begin with, we will not be able to organise any events so as to avoid crowding.   However, there will be more staff present in the visitor areas to answer any questions you may have. These people will either have a facemask or a visor, to help keep you safe, and themselves too.
  • Some narrower and more confined spaces are closed or have special signposting reminding you of the distancing rules.


  • Obeying our safety instructions
  • Wearing your masks
  • Washing your hands regularly or using the hydroalcoholic gel placed at your disposal
  • Following the instructions and reminders given by our staff
  • Obeying the hygiene rules recommended by the government

This will allow you to protect yourselves and our staff.

Foire aux Questions

Below you will find the answers to some questions relative to the measures we are taking to offer you an optimum visiting experience.


I have an annual subscription, should I book my visit to the site?

All season-ticket holders can access the National Sea Centre freely. You will be asked for your Pass at the access control.

I bought a ticket from my Works Council or from a ticket reseller, do I have to book ?

Yes, booking is compulsory on our website for your visit. This will guarantee you have access to the park for your chosen timeslot. If you don’t book, we will not be able to guarantee you access and you may have to wait for other visitors to leave. It is not possible to cancel your booking, so please take great care when you choose the date for your visit.

Will I nevertheless be able to buy an admission ticket on the spot ?

We will be able to sell a few tickets on the spot, but we will only be able to do so if the number of bookings made allows this. You may have to wait for other visitors to leave, and you will not have priority with respect to everyone who has made an on-line booking. Depending on the number of bookings there is always the possibility that you won’t be admitted to our exhibitions. Please consider that on-site sales are just a way for us to give some leeway regarding your visit: for example, you booked for 4 people and there are 5 of us.

I am entitled to a special rate, what must I do ?

We have put the special rate tickets on sale on our website to avoid queues at the ticket office and to allow us to ensure perfect management of the flows of people. You can therefore buy your ticket on our website and, like all the other visitors, book your timeslot. However, at the access control you will have to go and see an attendant who will ask you produce evidence justifying the special rate. Failing that, you will be asked to settle the difference at the ticket office between the full rate and the special rate that you have already paid.

Special rates are available for the following people: seniors (over-sixties), students, job seekers, people with a ‘large family’ card (SNCF only) and people with a disability.

Must I wear a mask to see the NAUSICAÁ exhibitions ?

Yes, we ask all visitors to NAUSICAÁ to wear a mask. For anyone who does not have one or has forgotten to bring one with them, we have masks for sale at cost price. All visitors aged 11 and over must wear a mask.
We will update this measure according to the hygiene recommendations and to our assessment of any such changes.

Are certain parts of the exhibitions closed ?

Most of our exhibitions are open and accessible to everyone. However, we have decided to close certain parts either because parents would not be able to supervise their children there (the children’s high-seas cave, for example), or because social distancing would be difficult to implement for children (games areas, pinniped statue areas, etc), or because the limited space available might possibly facilitate the transmission of Covid-19, the bubble aquariums for instance. Likewise, the touch tanks will not be open as long as we do not know whether or not there is a risk of propagation of the virus in seawater.
These measures will be adapted like all the others in line with our assessment and with the health recommendations made by the government.

Are the catering spaces open ?

Our three catering points are closed. We will open them again as soon as we are authorised to do so. There are automatic hot- and cold-drink and confectionery dispensers available in the lobby, with a special consumption area (with a limited number of places) provided. The applicable social distancing rules must always be born in mind there.

There is a one-way system for visiting our exhibitions

Usually there are three loops for visiting NAUSICAÁ: Mankind and Shores, the High Seas, and Climate & Ocean, and you can wander freely around these three loops with the possibility of backtracking, and going from one exhibition to another. But in the current context, on arriving we will ask you to start your visit along one loop as a priority, so we can manage the flow of visitors and thus help keep you safe. There is a one-way system for the High Seas and Mankind and Shores loops, and we must ask you to pay particular attention to this rule. Our reception and security staff will be extremely attentive to the application of this rule.
Owing to on-going works, the Climate & Ocean exhibition cannot be taken in a loop and the visitors will have to pass each other. There will be an attendant on hand to regulate the flow and allow you to pay a visit to our African Penguins under the maximum safety conditions.

Have you taken any special disinfection measures for the re-opening of NAUSICAÁ?

Our maintenance department ensures the regular cleaning of the toilets and exhibition spaces. With the COVID-19 crisis, we have increased the frequency with which our teams clean these areas. You will see a traceability sheet on the door of each toilet area indicating when our maintenance team last passed. The soap in the dispensers in the toilets has been replaced with disinfectant soap, and you will also find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers there. The bannisters, door handles, screens and lift keyboards are disinfected several times a day. We have installed hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the places where there are interactions between people.

Will there be audio-guides and pushchairs available, and will I be able to access the left-luggage lockers ?

Initially, there won’t be any pushchair hire and just one left-luggage locker in two will be accessible. Depending on how the situation develops, we will decide when to provide access to them.

I have a Voucher further to the cancellation of my booking during the lockdown period.

Contact our booking office on +33 3 21 30 99 86 or using our contact form.

When do you advise me to come to Nausicaá?

Within the framework of the covid 19 protocol, NAUSICAÁ has significantly reduced its instantaneous reception capacity in order to guarantee health security conditions and optimal visiting comfort, the time-stamped E-ticket allows better management of flows upon entry and in all exhibitions at any time of the day.