Nausicaa will be closing temporarily
from 30 October

In the framework of the lockdown measures announced by the government and in agreement with the delegating authority, we regret to inform you that Nausicaa is temporarily closing its doors.

Continue to follow us on social media or by email, our animals and keepers have got some wonderful surprises in store for you, awaiting the pleasure of welcoming you again!

And, above all, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

The Nausicaa team


You will be able to use the tickets booked on line for a visit from october, the 30 th onwards until 10 May 2021 and season ticket holders’ subscriptions will be extended for the length of time Nausicaá remains closed (excluding the annual closure period).

Should you have any questions regarding tickets or need clarification → please contact the Nausicaá teams by email