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To enjoy your visit in best conditions, we recommend that you follow the order of the different numbers and the white-marked trail. Journey on the high seas et Shore and mankind.

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Mankind and Shores

 The world Ocean

Island Stories

The diamond

Stopovers in the Mediterranean

Voyages in the Northern seas

The californian tank

An Ocean for Mankind

Tropical Lagoon bar

The mangrove Swamp

The coral reef

The underwater observatory – Sharks & Lagoon

The Coral jungle

The sea… live

Sea Lions’ tunnel

Californian Reserve for Sea lions

The pinnipeds

The touch tank

At sea on board the Thalassa

The Bistrot

The submerged forest

New temporary exibition « Into the eye of the Climate »

Journey on the high seas

Powerful Ocean

The living Ocean

The shark kingdom

Diving in the High Seas

Ocean at night

Travellers of the Open Sea

The great Fault

Under the Ocean

The underwater Cave

The world of the Abyss

From the Abyss to the open sea

The great Ocean show

The High Seas forum

Back to the surface

Birth and life of a big tank

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