The Mr.Goodfish programme, which was launched in March 2010 in France by Nausicaá, in Italy by the Acquario di Genova and in Spain by the Finisterrae Aquarium, raises public awareness on sustainable seafood consumption.

The programme mobilises all stakeholders in the sector, from fish and seafood wholesalers to fishmongers, including fishermen, processors, wholesalers, restaurant owners, school canteens and even consumers.

In 10 years, 220 restaurant owners and caterers, 122 fish and seafood wholesalers, 33 schools and 91 company restaurants, 17 fishmongers, 6 processors, 8 boats, 2 distributors and 1 producer have joined the programme.

Each season, Mr. Goodfish publishes a list of seafood products recommended by specialists in marine resources, thereby turning consumers into stakeholders. The aim of this approach is to preserve fragile seafood stocks by consuming other stocks that are abundantly available.


A new exhibition for 10 years of Mr.Goodfish

For its 10th anniversary, the Mr.Goodfish exhibition area is being revamped and welcomes you to its interactive food bar in the Mankind and Shores exhibition.

In front of an assistant cook who is somewhat lost in the choice of sustainable seafood, visitors learn to understand the selection criteria for recommended species and label the species on the menu.

Opposite the food bar, the players in the sector answer a consumer’s questions: a fish and seafood wholesaler, fishmonger, fisherman and fish farmer explain the benefits of sustainable seafood consumption.

“Choosing the right fish is good for the sea and good for you”

Every season has its fish!

Every 3 months, at each change of season, Mr.Goodfish and its committee of experts determine which species should be preferred for sustainable seafood consumption. There are recommendations for every coastal front.

Four scientific selection criteria are taken into account to select the species:

  • The state of the resources
  • Size
  • Seasonality
  • The status of the species

Since 2017, Mr.Goodfish has also offered a list of recommendations for farmed seafood.

Nausicaá has decided to offer local products at the Le Calypso restaurant and participates in the Mr.Goodfish programme.


mrgoodfish poisson de saison nausicaa


If every person in France ate a species recommended by Mr.Goodfish just once a year, 20,000 tons of endangered species could be saved. Since 2017, the Mr.Goodfish programme also issues recommendations for products from responsible aquaculture.

Choosing the right fish is good for the sea and good for you.

To help you do this, Mr.Goodfish offers an application to help you find the species recommended by the programme on a daily basis.