The Med Fund (formerly the “Association pour le financement durable des Aires Marines Protégées de Méditerranée”) came into being in 2015, on the initiative of France, Tunisia and Monaco. Since then, it has been joined by other countries and a number of organisations.

The goal pursued by The Med Fund is to ensure a stable source of funding for ensuring the long-term survival of MPAs in the Mediterranean and strengthening their management, by means of an environmental fund.

The Med Fund supports several pilot sites, including the Kuriat Islands Marine Protected Area which is home to a sea tortoise nesting site.



Nausicaá and the med fund

Nausicaá  and its Endowment Fund are committed to raising funds for supporting the Marine Protected Areas chosen by The Med Fund, and enhancing them to inform and raise the awareness of as many people as possible regarding the preservation of marine life in the Mediterranean.

You too can contribute to preserving the tortoises and Marine Protected Areas by making a donation dedicated to this initiative!




A Marine Protected Area (MPA) is a delimited area in the sea or along coastal areas, whose role is to ensure the long-term conservation of the species and ecosystems that live there, and to guarantee the sustainable management and exploitation of marine resources.

In the Mediterranean, where the biodiversity is exceptional, there are more than 1,200 protected areas, covering 7% of its surface area. But their efficient management is prevented by a lack of human and financial resources.

did you know?

The Kuriat Islands are home to one of the largest sea tortoise nesting sites in Tunisia.

In order to preserve this exceptional place, the local players have created a Marine Protected Area (MPA) where tortoises and humans live together in harmony.

Awareness-raising, saving tortoises, eco-tourism… the activities put in place to manage this MPA sustainably are numerous!