Nausicaa works with partners to carry out constructive and consensus based actions and initiatives to preserve the environment.

UNESCO awarded the title of « Centre of Excellence » to Nausicaa.

This website is co-financed by the EU. 

The National Sea Centre, a facility provided by the Greater Boulogne Local Government Authority (CAB)

The objective of this partnership is to implement a joint programme of educational actions.

Aquarium Nausicaa took part in the pre-operating phase of the Mare Nostrum Aquarium.

Nausicaa and Nature & Découvertes decided to join forces for a concerted awareness campaign with the aims of reaching as many people as possible.

Since 2006, Nausicaa became a member of the IUCN which aim is to encourage people in taking care of nature and biodiversity.

French Republic.

Boulogne-sur-Mer Town.

IFREMER and Nausicaa have been working closely together in projects and actions to raise people’s awareness.

Nausicaa cooperate with the Grouper Study Group for the protection of grouper in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since 1992, Nausicaa is committed to working in partnership with the education sector in France and England and has forged links to carry out specific projects.

Mercator Ocean

The World Ocean Network (WON) is an international association of museums, aquariums, research centres…

Pas de Calais County.

Opal Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Partnership with the Artois-Picardie Water Agency.

ACCOR has teamed up with Nausicaa to introduce and endear you to the sea by explaining why it is essential for life and what services it provides.

Nausicaa has set up partnerships with a range of media in order to reach a wider public with its message on the importance of greater awareness about the marine environment.