Educational Resources

The Ocean is at the heart of sustainable development programs and youth education. To explore this topic, we have developed many resources to help you build an educational project on the seas and oceans, but also to help you during your visit of the aquarium with your class.

Teaching kits: educational exploration of the various exhibition areas, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your visit with your group depending on their age and level.

Fact sheets: students can complete these sheets throughout the tour of Nausicaá. They address marine issues in a fun and educational way and are classified by theme. You can download and use them freely. Answers are also available for teachers or animators.

Teaching Tools: lead groups throughout the exhibit and focus on specific themes during your visit.

Free download

Upon request:

Kit « Marine Biodiversity”:

Act for the preservation of marine biodiversity. This kit will be loaned on request as part of a project regarding the ocean. It contains 9 card games on biodiversity (living beings, adaptations, food chains, marine resources, services provided by biodiversity). An accompanying booklet will help you set up these games and animations. For pupils aged 3 to 14 years.

Kit « Residents of the World Ocean »

Even far from the sea, we are connected to it by rivers. Explore and better understand the impact of macro and micro pollutants on marine animals and plants. From 9 years old.

Kit Mr. Goodfish « Good for the sea, good for you »

Understand the interactions between life in the sea and our consumption of seafood. From 12 years old.

The CD « Safe Passage »

90% of our goods are transported by sea. This CD-ROM help your class understand that traveling on the ocean needs a strict code to make this work and avoid accidents. From 9 years old.

Kit Sea Change « The benefits of the Ocean »

Become aware of the importance of the ocean for our health and the relationships between the ocean and us. Different games are available: puzzle, domino, memory cards, picture books … for any audience.

Other thematic tools are available to order as part of your educational project, depending on ttheir availability (postage not included):

The Passport “Citizen of the Ocean”

Junior and Youth versions available. Initiate a behavioural change for a sustainable future between humans and the ocean + discover the local marine biodiversity.
From 6 years old.

The Logbook « From the sea to my plate »

Discover the life in the sea and how to implement a responsible consumption of seafood products. From 8 to 12 years.