A journey to Planet Sea

Nausicaá invites you to enjoy a unique experience which will delight the whole family. Explore two amazing worlds: "Journey on the High Seas" and "Mankind and Shores".

Nausicaá promises you an unforgettable voyage to the heart of the Ocean! Discover the 1,600 species who call our Aquarium home. We will convince you that the Ocean is not only a wondrous and rich resource; it is also the future of Mankind.
Lion de mer en plaine chasse au milieu d'un banc de poissons. Image mise en avant sur la page conseils et services

Explore Nausicaá

One aquarium, two worlds

The High Seas

As vast as the ocean

Get ready to face the immensity of the deep blue sea and experience the new “Journey on the High Seas”: Nausicaá, Europe’s biggest aquarium, invites you to discover one of the planet’s last unchartered territories. Thanks to effective scenography and an immersive experience, you’ll feel like an explorer delving into the mysteries of the high seas.

Mankind and Shores

Vue d'une ile et des récifs qui la bordent : La vue est à moitié immérgée et l'on distingue à la fois la surface de l'île et les fonds marins

The sea is the future of Mankind

Embark on a grand tour of the world’s seas via the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Tropics, the Cape, the Californian coastline... During this voyage you will learn how Mankind and the Oceans cohabit. Discover the biodiversity, distant ecosystems and the many services the sea provides for Mankind. And why we must protect it.

Activities and feeding times at Nausicaá

Don't miss it!

There’s always something happening in the aquarium : activities, lagoon fish feeding, diving, encounters…
Discovering this abundance is a feast for the eyes and a magic encounter with nature and imagination. Watch the graceful dance of California sea lions inside a million-litre tunnel-shaped glass tank and glide alongside them in their watery home.
You’ll love seeing the nimble acrobatics, quick intelligence and playfulness of these wild sea mammals right up close.